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George Washington's
Boyhood Home Archaeological Field School

A joint venture between George Washington's Fredericksburg Foundation,
The University of South Florida

USF Summer A, May 18 - June 19

Fredericksburg, Virginia
Stafford County, Virginia


The class meets five days a week for eight hours each day in the field where we will cover the essentials of excavation techniques, recording methods, artifact identification, regional history, and archaeological theory. We will have a series of lectures, class discussions, and field trips all interspersed with a good amount of actual excavation and lab work.

This six-week long field school (HTY HIS 4900/6908) carries from four to six hours of undergraduate credit or graduate credit. Credits from USF will come through the Department of History.

Students at other colleges and universities who are seeking field school credits for their archaeology or anthropology majors, or for their own edification, are more than welcome to attend this class. Credits from USF are usually easily transferable to other schools. Students should talk to their academic advisors to work out the particulars of how their school's credit transfer system works.

The class credits for Summer 2012 will come in two forms.
       Graduate students can enroll in HIS 6908 History and Archaeology for 4 credits
       Undergraduates can enroll in HIS 4900 History/Archaeology for 6 credits    

Housing at University of Mary Washington's dormitories. UMW dorm fees will apply although the George Washington Foundation often has funds to offset or cover these fees.

The foundation has funding which will allow us to cover the housing costs for most of if not all of our students. Please call us to talk more about getting funded this summer.

Enrollment is limited and the application deadline is April 27, 2012. For more information contact Dr. Philip Levy at 813-974-7642, plevy@usf.edu or David Muraca, Chief Archaeologist at Ferry Farm (540) 370-0732 - muraca2@gwffoundation.org.

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