Virtual Florida

New World Brewery
@ Ybor City

Historical symbol of Tampanian nightlife, the New World Brewery is an iconic cultural space for musicians and emerging artists. In the frame of a large scale reconfiguration plan of a part of Ybor City, the brewery is exptected to be taken down and replaced by offices and condos.

IDEx team undertook the virtualization of the New World Brewery employing terrestrial laserscanning, creating a digital model for online global dissemination.

The virtualization of the New World Brewery was carried out employing three Faro Focus 3D scanners capturing 72 scenes outside and 44 inside of the building.

Fort Foster

Fort Foster State Historic Site is part of Hillsborough River State Park, though located on the East Side of US 301 from the park. Fort Foster State Historic Site is a reproduction of a fort originally built on the same grounds in December 1836, by Col. William S. Foster and his 430 men. During the Second Seminole War the purpose of the fort was to defend the bridge crossing at the Hillsborough River and act as a resupply point for the soldiers. The fort was garrisoned on and off from December, 1836 – April, 1838.

IDEx emplyoed terrestrial laserscanning to create a virtual model of the fort for the purpose of global digital dissemination. The 3D model becomes also an invaluable research tool for Florida historians and historical archaeologists.

The armament and supplies at Fort Foster consisted as follows: A six pounder and a howitzer with at least 100 rounds of ammunition for each. Forty thousand rounds of rifle powder and bullets. Fifty thousand ball and buckshot cartridges. Fifty thousand rations of subsistence and ten thousand bushels of corn. Tools of every description as well as iron, steel, nails, cordage, & etc. required for service in the field.