Florida Holocaust Museum

Founded in 1992, it is one of the largest Holocaust museums in the United States. It was founded by Walter and Edith Lobenberg both of whom were German Jews who escaped Nazi persecution by immigrating to the United States. The virtualization project is aimed at enhancin the museum's digital presence during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rag doll

Sylvia Richman (née Wien) was born in 1938 and in 1941 she and her mother were forced to live in the Lvov Ghetto in Poland while her father had previously been sent to the Janofska Concentration Camp. She and her mother escaped the ghetto and acquired false identity papers. For the duration of the war, Sylvia was hidden in a convent. After liberation by the Russian Army in 1945, Sylvia was brought to her father who had survived and a year and a half later they were reunited with her mother who was living in a displaced persons camp in Austria. Her mother gave Sylvia this rag doll which she had saved in hopes of reuniting with her.