Melite Civitas Romana in 3D

Melite Civitas Romana is an international interdisciplinary collaborative excavation project of the Roman Domus of Rabat in Malta, sponsored by Heritage Malta, Intercontinental Archaeology, University of South Florida and University of North Alabama. In Summer 2019, a team of USF IDEx started out the virtualization of the entire complex of the Domus including the related Museum and its collection of Roman antiquities using a combination of techniques such as terrestrial laserscanning, ground and drone digital photogrammetry and close range 3d scanning in order to produce boost the public engagement with the Melite Civitas Romana project.
In this first campaign besides the musealized part of the site and the excavation area almost 70 artifacts were also 3d captured.

Digital Photogrammetry of a Roman glass item

Close Range 3D Scanning of a Saracenic tombstone