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Academics and Staff

Davide Tanasi, PhD

Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities, USF History Department, IDEx Founder

Davide is an archaeologist specializing in Mediterranean civilizations. His main research tracks are archaeological science, digital archaeology and cultural interrelations in the Prehistoric Mediterranean region. His specialization field is 3D Digital Imaging applied to archaeology and heritage study.  

Michael Decker, PhD

Maroulis Professor of Byzantine History and Orthodox Religion, USF History Department, IDEx Founder

Michael is a historian specializing in the Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Mediterranean and Byzantium. His research interests included economic and social history, material culture and landscape archaeology. His specialization field is remote sensing for ancient landscape study,and 3D visualization of cultural heritage

John Northrop

Doctoral candidate - History

John holds a Master of Engineering Management (Northwestern) as well as a J.D. (Chicago-Kent) and an LL.M. (Georgetown). His work at IDEx centers on the use of GIS, aerial photography, and remote sensing to analyze physical landscapes, transportation networks, and artifacts in order to interpret the flow of military campaigns and economic trade

Stephan Hassam

Doctoral candidate - History 

Stephan holds a MSc in Anthropology (Wisconsin – Milwaukee).  His research interests include the archaeology of Roman Sicily and North Africa, funerary archaeology, and applications of 3D technologies to archaeology. His specialization field is close range 3d scanning and digital photogrammetry of archaeological artefacts 

Rebekah McLaughlin

MA student - History 

Rebekah holds B.A.in History and Anthropology, Her major research interest is early modern and Renaissance European history, and she is fascinated by the intersection of history and technology. Working at IDEx, Rebekah discovered a passion for digital heritage virtual museums

Kaitlyn Kingsland

MA student - History 

Kaitlyn holds a B.A. in Anthropology. Her research interests include the digital humanities, history, 3D archaeology, and how technology can be applied to the research, conservation, and public access to the past. Her specialization field is digital photogrammetry, 3D scanning and LiDAR

Affiliate Faculty

Michael Celestin, PhD

Courtesy Visiting Adjunct Professor, USF History, Senior Lab Manager, College of Engineering

Michael Celestin He is a chemical engineer and chemist by trade, but currently works with AutoCAD design in 2D/3D, solid modeling, photo-realistic rendering, C programming and embedded systems development, rapid prototyping, wood working, and much more

Maria Chiffi

Courtesy Visiting Adjunct Professor, USF History

Maria holds a B.A. in Architectural, Archaeological and Environmental Heritage (University of Lecce). Her research interest include digital reconstruction of archaeological landcscapes, production of digital multimedia products in computer animation 3D and virtual museums

Elisa Bonacini, PhD

Courtesy Visiting Adjunct Professor, USF History

Elisa holds a PhD in Humanities and Cultural Heritage. She is author of severals and articles on museums and social media, digital communication of cultural heritage. Her research interest include virtual museums and participatory projects on digital humanities and digital literacy 

Roberto Micciche'

Courtesy Visiting Adjunct Professor, USF History

Roberto has a B.A. in Archaeology and a M.A. in Forensic Science from the University of Palermo where is Research Fellow in Anthropology. His research interest includes the application of CT scan technologies for 3D imaging and geometric morphometrics analysis on archaeological cases study

Research Associates

Francesco Gabellone

Reseacher and founder of the Information Technology Lab at Institute for Monumental and Archaeological Heritage (IBAM), Italian National Council of Researches (CNR) - IDEx Research Scholar

Francesco holds a M.A. in Architecture (Universty of Pescara) with a focus on conservation of historical and architectural heritage. He is a world-renowned scholar specializing in Digital Heritage studies and an influential author and 3D artist with hundreds of publications and multimedia projects in his portfolio.

Paolo Trapani

Professional archaeologist and founder of 3D Archaeosolutions

Paolo holds a M.A, in Archaeology (University of Catania) with a focus on Mediterranean prehistory. His scientific areas of interest are ceramic studies, digital technologies for excavatation data recording and public outreach of cultural heritage.

Intern students (2018/2019)

Reece Combs

BA student - Anthropology/Telecommunications

Reece's  research  interests  include  Roman Archaeology,  Digital Humanities  and augmented  reality  in digital public archaeology and museulogy.

Ivy Johnson

BA student - Anthropology/International Studies

Ivy's research  interest  include  museum studies, digital cultural heritage, and digital preservation and digital communication of cultural heritage.

William McKinley

BA student - History

William's research interests include Scandinavian archaeology, archaeology of Iron Age Europe, Digital archaeology, virtual museums. He wants to specialize in field of digital communication of cultural heritage.

Savannah Fredrickson

BA student - Anthropology/History

Savannah's   research  interest include Middle Eastern history, ceramics, and art. She plans to use the degree to work in the field of cultural resource management.

Jonathan Rodriguez

BA student - History/Anthropology

Jonathan's research interests include transnational and borderlands history of Modern Latin America and the Caribbean, digital humanities, historic archaeology, and utilizing digital media for research, dissemination, and preservation of cultural heritage.

Rebekah Nault

BA student - Anthropology

Rebekah's research interests include public archaeology, archaeology of Armenia, 3D printing and digital photogrammetry for public engangement. She wants to work in the field of digital litearcy for archaeology and museum studies.

Former intern students (2017/2018)

Christopher Hunt

Doctoral candidate - Anthropology 

Chris is an archaeologist specializing in North American archaeology and cultural resource management. His research interests include prehistoric and historic archaeology, landscape archaeology, GIS settlement probability modeling, digital tools for cultural heritage and remote sensing methods in archaeology.

Frank Amico

MA student - History 

Frank holds a B.A. in Economics. His research interests include ancient history, digital humanities, public history and the application of technology to the study of material culture and cultural heritage. His specialization field is digital photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning applied to archaeology of Sicily.