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Research Projects

Virtual Ringling Museum of Art

The virtualization of John and Mable Ringling's mansions, the marvelous palace of Ca'd'Zan, and the luxury train car Wisconsin, and the 3D digitization of the Luigi Palma di Cesnola Collection of Cypriote Antiquities

Tampa Museum of Art in 3D

The virtualization of the Joseph Veach Noble Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities hosted in the Lemonopoulos and MacKechnie Galleries, which constitutes about one-fourth of the entire Collection of Antiquities of the Museum

Karam Collection @ USF Libraries in 3D

Virtualization and digital public sharing of the Farid Karam Lebanon Antiquities Collection at Special Collections of University of South Florida Libraries

Virtual Florida

Virtualization and digital publica sharing of iconic historical sites and cultural landmarks of Tampa Bay Area

Archaeology of Sicily in 3D

Interdisciplinary research project on 3D documentation of archaeological heritage of Sicily in partnership with University of Catania's (Italy) Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture and Department of Humanitistic Studies    

Cornell Fine Arts Museum @
Winter Park

Interdisciplinary research project on 3D documentation of Greek and Roman archaeological collections .of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College

Aviation History in 3D

3D documentation of spaces and aircfraft of historical .significance in Florida and around the world