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In 1998, Dr. Farid Karam and his wife Jehanne generously donated their collection of Roman and Phoenician antiquities to the University of South Florida Libraries - Special Collections Department. This collection consists of 149 objects, including jars, bottles, oil lamps, unguentaria, busts, and figures. Most of the items come from Lebanon, a wealthy territory on the Eastern Mediterranean, and date from Mibble Bronze Age to Early Medieval period.

IDEx has undertaken the virtualiization of the collectiona to share it digitally with the public. The project has an important pedagogic component as undergraduate students of the Department of History as fully involved in the production of the 3D models via the application of techniques such 3D Scanning and Digital Photogrammetry, providing them with valuable technical skills, but also allowing them the opportunity to interact with ancient primary source materials in Special Collections. This research project is co-supervised by Dr Matthew Knight, Director of Special Collections at USF LIbraries.

Inv. no. 63
Roman limestone bust of bearded man
Stone, H. 24.0 cm x W. 13.0 cm x L. 12.5 cm
Provenance: Eastern Mediterranean.
Farid Karam Lebanon Collection of Antiquities
Special Collections at Univerisity of South Florida Libraries