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Undergraduate Program

The discipline of history embraces a diverse world of ideas, people and events. Our faculty seeks to inform and question, to provoke, and to challenge our students to a higher level of understanding of the past. History at USF offers the student an opportunity to explore civilizations from around the globe and from the ancient through contemporary eras. Students are encouraged to move beyond traditional memorization of material to a critical level of thinking, analysis and synthesis. Accomplished history majors are attractive to all kinds of employers in any number of fields, as well as to graduate and professional schools. USF history alumni can be found in such diverse professions as law, medicine, business, government, foreign service, politics and education.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts in History or pursue a minor in history. In addition, students have the opportunity to complete a Certificate in Italian Studies.

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Undergraduate Advisor – History Department
Located at:  SOC 274
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