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Bachelor of Arts in History

Requirements for the Major in History

Declare your major at:

Lower Level (2000 numbered) Courses Required:

___Three courses (9 credit hours) of introductory History courses with AMH, EUH, HIS, or LAH prefixes

Upper level (3000 numbered) Courses Required:

____Five courses (15 credit hours) of Upper level (3000) History courses, any fields

Required:  (Cannot be taken in the same semester)
____Theory and Methods of History, HIS 4104 (3 credit hours) – NEED PERMIT FROM ADVISOR
____Two courses - Pro Seminars, HIS 4936 (8 credit hrs) – NEED PERMISSION FROM PROFESSOR AND PERMIT

35 Total hours

Recommended electives:
ENC 3310, Expository Writing; SPC 2608, Public Speaking; LIS 2005, Library/Internet Research Skills;  and complementary courses from Africana Studies, Humanities and Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Classics, Geography, International Studies, Political Science, Literature, Philosophy or Art History

Will my AP/IB/Dual Enrollment history courses count for the major?
Yes, these will count.

Do I have to concentrate on one area of history? 
NO, you may wish to concentrate on one area but it is not mandatory.

Can I take the Seminar course before Methods and Theory course?
NO, It is not recommended.

What is the Methods and Theory of History course about? 
This is an analytical course that explores the differing schools of thought about how and why we study history; historiography; and research methods.

What is the Pro-Seminar course about?
These are topics offered by Professors with expertise in that field.  It is an intense
course, whereby students use their analytical skills to write a major research paper.

How do I get a permit for the Theory?
Contact the History Department Undergraduate Advisor.

How do I get a permit for the Pro-Seminar classes?
Contact the Professor of the class for permission and then inform the Advisor who will issue the permit.


Undergraduate Advisor – History Department
Located at:  SOC 274
Current students: Signon.asp
Incoming students: Signon.asp          


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