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Certificate in Russian Studies
This certificate is designed for majors in any field who wish to enhance their understanding of the peoples and cultures of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. The College of Arts and Sciences offers this certificate through the collaboration of the Department of World Languages, Government and International Affairs, and History. Courses from other departments may count if their subject matter has significant Russian or Eurasian content. Students will plan their course of study in consultation with the certificate coordinator. They must complete 23-25 semester hours in related coursework (and maintain a GPA of 3.0). Students must declare their intention to be awarded the certificate by notifying the coordinator at least one full semester prior to graduation. Please contact Dr. Kees Boterbloem in the Department of History by e-mail:


Please click here for a printable list of the certificate requirements

I. Language

All students are encouraged to develop their language skills to the highest possible level, whether they are working in a Slavic, Turkic, or other language of the region. Russian language students who are non-native speakers should complete at least RUS 2200 (Russian III), and native speakers should complete one semester of RUS 4900 Analytical Reading. It is very important that students begin developing their language skills as early as possible. Although students only have to declare their intention one semester before graduation, it takes significantly longer to learn a language such as Russian. It is recommended that students take as many years of language study as possible.

II. Required Core Courses

A. Two of the following courses:
EUH 3575 Imperial Russia 4
EUH 3576 Soviet Union 4
EUS 3022 Russia 3
B. One of the following courses:
RUS 3500 Russian Civilization 3
RUT 3110 Russian Classics in English 3
RUT 3111 20th Century Russian Literature in English 3

III. Elective Courses

HIS 3930 Selected Topics* 4
HIS 4900 Directed Reading* 1-3
INR 3018 World Ideologies 3
INR 4900 Directed Readings* 1-3
INR 4910 Directed Research* 1-3
INR 3955 Overseas Study* 1-6
RUS 2221 Russian IV 4
RUS 3240 Conversation I 4
RUS 4241 Conversation II 4
RUS 2270 Overseas Study 1-6
RUS 3470 Overseas Study 1-6
RUS 4471 Advanced Overseas Study 1-6

*When topic is defined as Russia, Eastern Europe or Eurasia.

Other courses may be substituted for those listed above with approval of a Russia Studies Coordinator.  Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of overseas study opportunities.